Freund Isotherm Bottle Bouquet 500ml


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It is a stylish, eco-friendly bottle that can be used in various situations such as office, school, outing and gym.... Read more
It is a stylish, eco-friendly bottle that can be used in various situations such as office, school, outing and gym. The stainless steel vacuum double structure also has a thermal insulation function that can be used for all seasons. Despite being a 500ml capacity, it is also lightness and easy to carry.
Size: W70 × D70 × H260mm Capacity: 500ml
Material: Body, lid outside: stainless steel, lid inside: polypropylene, lid packing: silicone
● Microwave oven: Not allowed
● Oven: Not allowed
● Dishwasher: Not allowed
● IH: Not allowed
● Direct fire: Not allowed
● Heat-resistant: Allowed (Cover: 90 ºC)
■ Instruction Manual: Existence
■ Due to the nature of the pattern processing, there are wrinkles and blurring on the transfer paper, but there is no problem with the quality.  
■ Do not use for anything other than keeping the drink warm or cold.  
■ Be careful not to tilt or bring your face close when opening the lid, as hot drinks may increase the internal pressure of the body and the contents may scatter.  
■ Please be careful not to add too much drink.  
■ Do not put salty foods such as soups or sports drinks, alcohol, milk drinks, pulp, tea leaves, etc. , as it may cause rust, rot, and clogging.  
■ If you put something with strong odor for a long time, the odor may remain on the main body.  
■ Do not put dry ice.  
■ Do not leave drinks for a long time.  
■ Don't leave it for a long time with drinks, as it will lead to corruption and deterioration.  
■ Do not place near a fire or near a stove.  It may cause burns, product deformation or discoloration.  
■ If the product is deformed or damaged, stop using it immediately.  
■ Do not give a strong impact such as dropping from a high place.  
■ Be careful not to rub with a hard object as it may cause peeling.  
■ Be careful not to spill drinks when carrying.  Please put it up in your bag.  
■ Use and store out of reach of infants.  
■ Do not heat in the microwave.  Do not put in the freezer.  
■ Painting, heat insulation and cold insulation of the main body will deteriorate over time.  
■ If the heat retention is reduced, the body may become hot and cause burns.

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